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2016 Presidential Primary

Curated by Andres Guerrero & Matt Gonzalez



May 13 to June 1, 2016

Opening Reception, May 13th 6-9pm


Artists turn out. The national presidential contest finally reaches California in June. After listening to what Iowa and Ohio think of the candidates, it’s finally time for the country’s most populous state of 40 million to weigh in.

The show invites artists from San Francisco and/or California, or those who have a personal connection to the West Coast, to frame and offer their commentary on the election.  It acknowledges the generally held view that the West Coast is “Left” — i.e. more progressive than the rest of the country.

Artists are free to promote, comment, or depict particular issues, or specific candidates, or to otherwise offer artworks inspired by the election.

Likely themes will include all the remaining candidates: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, as well Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. It will reflect issues that have dominated the election: immigration, national security, the economy, and the personal foibles of the candidates.


Artist List:

Adam Feibelman

Ala Ebtekar

Alan Gonzalez

Amy Trachtenberg

Amy Vasquez

Ben Venom

Brett Goodroad

Carolyn Jean Martin

Cate White

Channing Morgan

Chelsea Wong

Chris Johanson

Christine Shields

Christo Oropeza

Delfina Piretti

Daniel Mendoza

Dustin Fosnot

Felix Macnee

Frohawk Two Feathers

Gabby Miller

Gina Contreras

Grant Gutierrez

Greg Goldman

Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Isaac Vazquez Avila

Kate Rosenberger

Jenny Sharaf

Joey Enos

Johanna Jackson

Johanna Poethig

John Held Jr.

Justin Hager

Kevin Earl Taylor

Kristine Reano

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Luis Pinto

Madeline Rose Carter

Marcela Pardo

Maria Capron

Mario Ayala

Megan Leppla

Michael Krouse

Michelle Guintu

Miram Stahl

Nicholas Torres

Patrick Martinez

Paul Gibson

Paul Spencer

Rich Foneca Daigle

Rigo 23

Rene Yanez

Ryan Shaffer

Ryan Zweng

Rye Purvis


Sahar Khoury

Spencer Davie

Tamsin Smith

Taravat Talepasand

Terry Hoff

Tim Diet


Una Ryan

William Emmert

Yarrow Slaps

Zach Hangauer